The Most Popular Fishing Methods Used By Leisure Fishers

Leisure fishing mainly includes sport fishing and recreational fishing. The process involves using hooks and nets to catch fish. Sometimes, after catching the fish, they are released back into the water. There are fishing methods that have remained popular for decades, while new innovations and overall inventions keep emerging.

If you are planning for a day out to fish with your friends or family, you are likely to use one of these angling methods. Ensure you observe the rules and regulations stipulated for the areas you want to go fishing. Also, ensure you have relevant licensing before fishing.


This involves using nets, for example; cast nets, hand nets and gill nets with minimum weights. The nets are thrown by hand in a way that will spread them out and sink. When the fish are caught, the nets are hauled back to a fishing boat or edges of the river where the fish are taken out.

Line Fishing

This fishing method involves the use of a line. They can be homemade or purchased from shops that sell fishing items. There are a few vital parameters you should consider when you are choosing a fishing line that will suit your needs. These include length, weight and the material used to make it. Thick and sturdy fishing lines are more visible to fish, therefore making it easy to hook a fish. The most popular fishing lines are made from materials that are resistant to UV light, resistant from abrasion, not easy to break, and they should be visible.

Rod Angling

Amateur fishers popularly use fishing rods. The fishing line is easy to control. The rods have a reel whose function is to pay out and retrieve the line. Most of the time, floats are used to act as bite indicators. Lures with one or more hooks, and baits, for example, worms and insects are used to hook and catch fish.

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