The Stress of Match Fishing

Although many people simply fish for pleasure, those who are somewhat more competitive enjoy the rush of match fishing. This involves going to a specific location, such as the River Thames and the winner is the one who nets the biggest haul. There will be a time limit, too.

Of course, this can be somewhat stressful, and long gone are the days when it was socially acceptable to light up a cigarette. Now, there is a cleaner, healthier alternative in the form of Nicotine pouches, as sold by the well respected company of Northerner.

As the pouches are very discreet, the other competitors will not even realise when they are being used. As the angler is waiting for their next catch, they can relax with the hit of nicotine in different flavours. Various strengths are also available, ranging from light to very strong. Match fishing need not be that stressful, after all!

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