Do you like to eat Cod? Cod is one of the most fished fish in the world. There are three Cod fish species: Pacific Cod, Atlantic Cod, and Greenland Cod. It is widely known for its high nutrition and it is very popular around the world. This article discusses some of the interesting aspects of Cod.


There are several popular methods of preservation for Codfish.

It could be dried without salt, called “stockfish”; it could also be dried and salted, known as saltfish. when the fish is dried after being salted, it is known as salt-curing and it makes the fish possible for long-term storage, expert around the year, and incorporation into a wide variety of dishes.


Saltfish is a specialty as well as a unique ingredient in many Cod fish recipes all over the world. For example, it is a unique base in many Mediterranean and Atlantic cuisines, such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Besides, regular Cod fish is also an ingredient used in many dishes.


Codfish could be cooked in many different ways. For instance, baked Cod fish, Cod fish tacos, pan-seared Cod fish, Cod fish sticks, Cod fish chowder, Codfish stew, and Codfish soup are all dishes using regular Codfish. The white, dense, mild-tasting, and flaky flesh of the fish is extremely versatile and it could be fairly interchangeable with many other whitefish.


When it comes to terms of nutrition, believe it or not, Cod fish is the one with the highest protein per calorie, no matter if it is Pacific, Atlantic, or Greenland Cod. The fish also has a significant amount of phosphorus, selenium, and B vitamins. Cod fish is also well known for its nutrition in an old popular family remedy receipt that uses its liver oil to treat arthritis, depression, wounds, and rickets.

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