Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is a long, flexible rod which is used to catch fish, a popular hobby and sport. In its purest form, a fishing rod is a simple stick or pole, attached to a flexible line that has a hook on the end. The length of the rod can vary very between two and 20 feet, although six feet is standard for most users. To attempt to entice fish, bait or lures are typically placed on the hook or hooks attached to the line. Rods are usually used alongside reels, with the reel holding the line to reduce tangling and to assist landing the fish.

Traditionally, fishing rods were made of bamboo, while modern rods are typically made from either fibreglass or carbon fibre. Although there are some types of commercial fishing which still rely on rods, they are more typically used for either sport or recreational fishing, with nets generally being used for commercial fishing. There are many different types of rods for specific types of fishing; for example, fly rods are used to cast artificial flies and have reels designed for the angler to be able to easily control the line with their hand, rather than using a handle.

Fishing rods have gone through many iterations, with one of the more notable being the leap in making fly fishing rods, after the English Civil War, where common interest in the hobby made its way swiftly into popular culture, and many new manufacturers started producing rods.

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