Fishing and Health

Fishing is undoubtedly one of the most participative hobbies in the entire world. It is enjoyed by people of all cultures and has a rich history that reaches right back to the early days of humans. It is not only a fun sport but also a way of attaining nutritious food. Fish is a staple part of healthy diets.

Modern equipment, boats and gear have made fishing much safer and more convenient. However, there are still several factors that all fishermen should keep in mind. Doing so will minimise the chances of them having a medical emergency. It will also ensure that they have an enjoyable time while out fishing.

Protecting Against the Sun

Ideally, you’ll want to fish on a day when the weather is nice and bright. Wearing sunglasses and a sunhat will prevent damage from UV light. It is also a smart idea to dress appropriately in loose clothes.

Protecting Against Rain

On rainy days it is better to wear hooded coats that are waterproof. Being in wet and cold weather for extended periods of time can be dangerous for your health. Perhaps the simplest way to prevent this is by checking the forecast and wearing the right gear.

Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is the most immediate danger when it comes to fishing. You should drink plenty of water at regular intervals. Having enough bottled water on hand is a good idea.

Getting a Check Up

If you are concerned about whether you are healthy enough to fish then the best thing to do is ask a doctor. Many people are using an app called Livi that allows people to access NHS services on smart devices. This is a convenient way to talk to GPs, sort out prescriptions and book appointments.

Being Aware of Seasickness

If you are fishing on a boat, then you are at risk of seasickness. This is a type of nausea caused by the motion of the vessel and the tide. You can buy over the counter medications that can minimise the nasty effects of this condition.

Keeping Fish Fresh

When you have caught your fish, you will then need to store it in a cold container. Ideally, this container should be packed with ice. If the fish is not fresh at the time of eating, then you can run the risk of food poisoning. Vital signs that the fish has gone off include a foul odour and discolouration.

Making Vessels Safe

It is relatively rare for fishing vessels to sink. However, if you get into trouble, it is essential that the boat has enough life jackets for everyone on board. Having life rafts is even better as it means you will minimise the contact you have with the water.

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